Sunday, 27 March 2011

Untold History : Lost Treasure of HRH Sir Albert Baker I

Solid Gold Cane Top of HH Abu Bakar

The item was found on sales record of Michael Backman Ltd. Of London.  It was sold to unknown bidder sometime last May.  These items were list under “Chinese” collection, not Malaya

China Connection

It was engraved with “HHM of Johore” which means the His Highness “Maharaja” Of Johor. 
  1. HH Abu Bakar reigned as a ruler by title “Maharajah” is from 1868 – 1885.  Therefore, the Cane Top was probably made within this period.

HH Sultan Abu Bakar
1862 – 1868
6 years
1868 – 1885
17 years
1885 – 1895
10 years

  1. HH Abu Bakar visited Shanghai and Beijing in 1883.  It is unknown whether HH Abu Bakar has visited the Xuangxu Emperor. 
  2. HH Abu Bakar has vested with “Imperial Order of Double Dragon, 1st Class from Xuangxu Emperor in 1894.

The Solid Gold Cane Top might probably made and presented to HH Abu Bakar in 1883 (as Maharaja), during his visit to China.

 Triad Connection

A Paper presented by Dr. Lim Phui Huen in 2000

  1. Johor’s Connection with Chinese Triad dated back in 1844 during Temenggung Ibrahim reigns.  By 1877 (during his reign as Maharaja), the Johor Government has officially recognize the Ngee Heng Triad and its leaders as loyal supporter of Sultan. 
  2. Engraving of 1st photograph showing that the “Kwan” God were fighting and 3rd and 4th Photography showing the Shield engraved with Tiger’s face, similarly to the Johor Emblem.  “Kwan” God was the 1 of 3 Gods worshipped by the Triad Members. 
  3. This could lead to believe that ‘The Cane’ was made as a sign of superiority of Sultan over his Chinese Subject between years 1868 to 1885. 
  4. In 1916, the current Sultan, HH Sir Ibrahim give up his interest and dissolve the Ngee Heng Kongsi upon the pressures from British Government and return all the ‘ceremonial’ items to leader of Ngee Heng who later – bury all those items in Chinese Cemetery in Bukit Saujana. 
Since then, all leaders from various faction of Triad Society, paying a yearly visit to the “Ming Tomb” in every 3rd day of Chinese New Year.

The Solid God Can Top might be presented by the Emperor’s Court during his visit in the year 1883.   His
Name and the State Emblem at the Top of the Cane supersede the engraving of god “Kwan” at the side of
the handle symbolizing his superiority over the Chinese Triad in Malaya at that time.


Michael Backman is one of the closed allies of Anwar Ibrahim.  He is best known in the west as the manwho 
saying "Malaysia Bodoh" as slogan sarcastically to critic the ruling government. 

Dead Men Diary

This is where it begans.

The original version, written in 1929..owned by Allahyarham Tn. Hj. Anuar Bin Hj. Jalil.  It was kept hidden, then destroyed by the Writer in 1942 to avoid falling into the Japanese invading armies. 

Rewritten in 1946, right after the 14 days war.  The Journal was then came back to live again, until it sudden stop in 1989.  And in 2007, the Writer departed.

A Little Diary, contain the most remarkable clues of unknown origin of historical puzzles in Malaya, particularly for Johore and Singapore.  It whispers an ephipany that has long lost in time.

The forgotten truths are now emerged.  Series of unspeakable truth about our histories once has long lost and forgotten now come back to live.  Written within the pages of Dead Men Diaries, each stories was inked with clues and cyphers, awaits to be found.