Monday, 28 April 2014

Untold History : GILDED AGES - Johore State Pavilion Resurrected in Putrajaya this May

Resurrected in Putrajaya on 23, 24 and 25 of May 2014. Be there as I would be there. See ya!

I owed this planning success to Head of Division - Social Development of IRDA whose has done remarkable efforts and ideas which soon be immortalized in the sand of times.

Dalam banyak2 orang yang aku buat keje, this are the few yang betul2 kerja, less talk more works. The right guy that demonstrate power and influences to makes thing happen for benefit of public. My 3rd underground projects initiated by this Man, one after "Kilang Purba" and "Istana Runtuh" in my previous posting.

And also to JOHO Konsep teams and crews whose ideas is far reach unimaginable boundaries of mental state of normal people. Obviously, dorang memang awesome.

Me? I just a simple guy living like a rockstar hit by boredome of everyday business. Obviously I need a hobby yang sihat rather than lepak at Chili's Restaurant at Citta Mall everyday with my crazy partners yang dah memang crazy and kayeraye sampai tak keje.


Idea of having pavilion erected in foreign land is maybe obsolete these days with Internets and other borderless information highways right on your fingertip.

BUT, 200 tahun dulu.. whose privileges to travel abroad only reserved for wealthy educated colonist and criminals (as ship's slave), Pavilion is the most ideal medium to introduce you to the whole world.

1st Pavilion


Earliest exhibition dihantar oleh Johore, even sebelum dibuka bandar Johor Bahru and Istana Besar pun belum siap.

That time, Johore and other FMS cuma hantar product shipped via British Representatives.  No direct involvement, cuma display.

BUT, what more interesting berkaitan tentang negeri Johor dalam exhibition ni ialah.. bukan ape yang dorang hantar sane.. but.. ape yang dorang BAWAK BALIK :

This is huge collection of silvers by Hunt & Roskell. Half of this treasures was bought by HH Abu Bakar and now stored at Istana Besar. Lebih2 cerite korang boleh selak series of "Lost Treasure of HH Albert Baker" kt blakang2 blog ni.

2nd Pavilion

2nd Pavilion took place in 1867 A.D at Paris Universalle 

Sama macam tahun 1862, Johore masih belum participated directly.  Cume hantar specimens thru dia punya sub-ordinate GLC operating abroad.

3rd Pavilion


I've seen the real picture but that damn antique dealer pressing me gilebabi punye price lepas dia dapat tau ini blog aku punye.  But, i had a glimpse of what they have built in 1887 :

While inside :

This one managed by Dato' Meldrum as royal representative to Australian Government.

This peta :

is actually the same map macam yang tergantung dekat dalam Pavilion Adelaide ni.. but somehow, somebody put the wrong date in the reprinted map (1907) while the original was drew on 1887 or earlier mcm dalam posting pasal Dato' Salleh Perang yang lepas.

4th Pavilion

Dibina pada tahun 1893 AD.. in WORLD COLOMBIAN EXPOSITION. Consisted 3 buildings in the same vicinity.

This is where "Wau" dan "Congkak" getting coverage by National Geographic Society which later enlisted them as permainan rakyat otherwise sapu by Samoan which happened to have same congkak.

This pavilion managed by Dato' Said something aku lupe. From Telok Blangah Office.

Other interesting story pasal Exhibition ni ia lah :

An official invitation from HH Abu Bakar to General John C Smiths, unknown figure of US Official. Well, mystery still linger of this WhoTF is this General John C Smiths is and the Sultan not even attending this event!!!!! whattttttttttt????

5th Pavilion


While this one pulak, HH Ibrahim did not asked Johore State Government to participate.. but, influenced his friend Frank Buck to built him the "Jungle Camp"

Dia datang exhibition ni with his wife and merasmikan Exhibition ni

Dalam Jungle Camp's Frank Buck showcased banyak bende dari Johore :

Thus I consider Johore were directly participated in 1833.. the success of Jungle Camp bring idea to HH Ibrahim to participate in the upcoming Exposition in 1939.

6th Pavilion


Constructed in 1937. Johor State is the 1st pavilion constructed in the Treasure Island.

Managed by Dato' Onn Jaafar for 6 months. Lebih2 cerite korang boleh bace kat blakang. 

Next pavilion is on 23rd May at Putrajaya. Hahahaaaaa