Friday, 4 July 2014

Untold History : Last Princess of Gilded Age

Tunku Miriam at the middle, died today in U.S.

She represented the last era of Johore's gilded age and led the most secretive live amongst Johore royalty.

Khususan ila arwahi Al-fatihah

Satu bende pasal Tunku Mariam, she was the last custodian of HH Ibrahim's treasure.

And her story are the most puzzle yang susah nak

Nama dia mule jadik perhatian aku bile aku cube trace lost treasures of HH Ibrahim, particularly in the west.. about 2 years ago

Tunku Miriam ada pernah menghadiahkan seseorang peninggalan HH Ibrahim. Rare and made specially for him alone. No second to it


Omega and Rolex belong to HH Ibrahim

Antara few items yg 'lost'... his personal belonging. Imagine that... bende yg dia pakai hari2.. I would bid this thing with arm and leg klu owner skrng nak jual. 

Apperently she retired in Florida. And the stories goes ;~

Episode ni akan bagi korang insights ape kaitan few world brand treasures dgn influence dorang around the globe.