Thursday, 29 May 2014


Busy sangat sampai lupe aku nak congrats few parties that succeed the event masa hari belia minggu lepas..

So.. next time.. in the far future.. kalau korang nampak logo ni, in any places.. in any event :

Come and Visit!!  This become a trademark for event in the future, representing new spirits resumed from 1939, Sans Francisco USA. 

This represent dawn of gilded age of budak-budak Johor, and this ain't the pasar malam for sure.. kalau nak pegi pasar malam.. korang boleh pegi Jom Heboh, not a place for most of us..

What will be there??

"Your Imagination, Your Interests" translated into arts and hobby, a place to shop where there ain't any shops sellin'.. and a place where high and low are equal


Big up.. to the main propeller.. the man that behind everything.. just like Don Corleone

En. Nor Hisham Hussein, Social Development Director of IRDA

And.. to the "Brain" and Co-Founder of JOHO Konsep

En. Zul Abas

.. sorry Zul.. aku takde gambar ko, ko pun agak misteri jugak nih

And... to their dedicated and hardworking colleagues.. like a clockworks :

Afiq Aris.. Project Manager of JOHO Konsep

Saharudin "Cha'a" Razali.. 

Tak lupe jugak... 

To Amil Mafakas and Wan the Cur8.. klu takde lu orang, jem aku beb.. sorry for the last minutes arrangement.. luckily korang cool

and few others yg aku ingat :

- Ida
- Leha
- and all the volunteers and staffs of JOHO Konsep

Big Up!

Last and least... to arwah Zack.. without his inspiration.. this thing won't take place.. Al-Fatihah....

Gud Luck for you guys!!!!