Monday, 1 July 2013

Take a Break!

Sorry guys... lame x update.

Vol. 1 has ended.

Vol. 2 will published sometimes in... ikut suka aku lah.  But, 1 things for sure... upclose yang lebih mendebarkan is comin'..

Cerita2 untold like "Lost City of Glanggi 2",  "Datin Mable Kalifornia", series of "Architectural signatures".. "Lost Palace of Raden Ali", "series of other lost palaces of Sultan Johore", "Mummia Sultan Johore", "JMF Contingent yang paling berpuaka", "Hidden Dungeon of Istana Besar", "Secret 4th Floor of Istana Besar", "What beneath Istana Bkt. Serene?", "Lost Port of Penggerang", "Johore Konnection in 3rd Reich", "Sultan Ibrahim and His Tattoo", "Jungle Secrets and Mados Cover up", "Barges full with Diamonds", "Perjanjian Theodore Roosevelt",  "Himpunan Raden-Raden Ampuh", "Lost Treasures of HMS Panti", "Kota Tinggi's Shipwreck Graves" etc will soon emerge.

So... stay tune...