Sunday, 12 February 2012

Untold History : Who the f*ck is he?????

Now... this famous sitting is presented by Mr. Abdul Rahman Andak to HH Ibrahim in grosvenor in 1929... 44 years after it was painted in 1885.

Sultan Abu Bakar known to have only 2 paintings of him, this one of it.

It is said to have painted by famous but unlucky american painter, Ethel Mortlock.. who happened to painted these famous paintings:

Back in the same era.. 1880's.. there were record of 'unknown' sitting similar to HH Sultan Abu Bakar posed in the 1st painting above.. but absent with details.. 

Now.... who the fcuk is he???

.. and.. it is believe to be taken somewhere in London's photography shop known to British Aristocrat.. see the background :

Compare to this :

a look alike sitting, 1 in monochrome and 1 in oil painting... that is absolutely bizarre.

If.. the above picture were HH Abu Bakar, this makes these picture were the early picture of 
him taken during his 1st visit in London.