Friday, 9 March 2012

Untold History : Lost Colony of Bukit Gereja

In 1588, the whole British Colony vanished without a trace in Roanoke Island.

Same thing happened herea in Malaya, 21 miles upstream of Kota Malacca.. also in 1588


It was transmitted by elder generation of Malacca, the place named "Melaka Pindah" is actually a Portuguese Colony.. driven out from the fort in 1581 due to high taxs and poverty.  Sums of 2,000 portuguese sails upstream and set their foot at now known as "Melaka Pindah"... given by native Malay, as "pindah" means "move" from Malacca Fort.

In "Melaka Pindah", there was a hill called "Bukit Gereja" by native.. or "Church Hill" known in portugueswe record as Nossa Senhora de Esperanza as there were big chapel, built in stone masonry on top of the hill.  This "Bukit Gereja" can still be trace in modern map.

Infront of the Church, there was a burial area which native call "Lubuk Tengkorak".. or "Skulls Cove"

To sum every clues left in history.. boths native account and portuguese.. a words "Bukit/Hill" and "Lubuk/Cove" representing a typhographical area which... would differ a modern map.. look closely :


It was recorded.. in 1581.. 7 years before the Roanoke and Melaka Pindah colony vanished... there are 2,000 portuguese people resides in this part of area and living as a peasent, growing crops and raising kettle. Almost live like ordinary native Malays.

Now imagine...

Portuguese power only restrain within the wall of the fort of Kota Melaka.. skirmish with Malay warriors were happened almost everyday.. not includes 7 big wars that happened during Portuguese occupancy.

How did they managed to avoid harrassment of Malays and live without stone walls, without guns and armories??? who protect them?????

The best answer I can give is = Orang Benua

Orang Benua is the most dreaded cannibal tribe feared by Malays, Portuguese and Dutch. 

Their famous story is recorded in Declaram De Malacca... which Geroges De Santa Lucia claimed that he has neutralized the threats of Orang Benua, which can transform to become Tigers and Snakes at night. (Untold History : Lost Tribe of Orang Benua)

Almost coincidence, the "Bukit Gereja" is located not far and vertically inline with the infamous Mount Ophir, which known in many centuries as land of Orang Benua.

In 1586.. Sultan Johor Ali Jalla stormed Malacca Fort with 14,000 Malays warrior.. while Dutch lay siege from the sea.

In the same year.. Diego De Azambuja leads 700 portuguese army to inland.. but stopped and attacked by 2,000 Malays and Minangkabaus.  They retreated back to Malacca.

Melaka Pindah left unmolested by both armies.  

Same fate befalled of Roanoke in 1588.... the last record of Portuguese existance in Melaka Pindah was 1588...  since then, the fate of 2,000 Portuguese peasant vanished without a trace.