Monday, 8 September 2014

It was'nt me

1st org tanye, aku explain, then 2 orang, then 3 orang, masuk 4 orang, aku dah menyampah nak explain.

It wasn't me.

Or whatever contents dalam ni:

It WASN'T me.

Or any books, any Twitter, hastag, Instagram or whatever medium... WASN'T me.

So, stop associating me with this.

Yes they wrote "sebarang salinan dan penggunaan tanpa izin adalah dilarang".... pandai pulaak yee. How about this blog???

I believed in free knowledge for all. Any walks of life. Rich and unfortunate are equal to me. No one above the almighty Allah, owner of all knowledge. Ilmu hak Allah. 

Sebab tu ko x nampak adsense, advertisement or sponsors in this blog. I denied privilege to earn rm4k per month from here sebab korang. Saham kubur aku : ilmu yang dimunafaatkan.

I spent many hours soaking my brains wet, years of works and sacrificing time with human being sebab ni, then suddenly someone taking advantages for fame and monetary gain. That's utterly not right lah. 

So, there will be no Facebook, no books, no nothing for "Untold History"... but, it will come to your home, in TV and DVD... then only I get it published in book. In reverse.

Crazy bunch of outgoing people are working on it. I believed in them, their creativity beyond boundaries. Let us pray it would be materialized soon.

Stay tune.