Sunday, 25 March 2012

Untold History : Hugh Hefner of Johore

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If you assumed Johore Royalty doesn't have affair with actress... by any modern standard, you are absolutely wrong.  Looooonggg before your grandmother owned a TV set.. or subscribed Astro.. they had been in affairs with actress.. but ONLY HOLLYWOOD actress.. no local actress, Hollywood level is their benchmark. .  our local Saloma not in the list.. that is 70 years ago. 

Even when Helen is still Sultana of Johor, HH Ibrahim having an affair with one of leading Hollwyood
Actress in 1940's... with Dorothy L'Amour... 


HH Ibrahim fell in love whenever he saw Dorothy Lamour with her Batik Sarong in "Satan the Tiger
of Malaya"
.. and apart from that, there were few other films starred by Dorothy Lamour with her
sexy sarong..

Since then... it become trademark of Dorothy Lamour as jungle girl with Sarong even after she died,
she was wrapped with Sarong and buried 

HH Ibrahim has seen date with Dorothy L'Amour in Singapore... maybe during her shooting.. their affairs become headlines in American newspaper that time.

Eccentric as usual, HH Ibrahim with his autocratic behaviour ordered all Dorothy L'Amour's poster
to be put up in all main road in Singapore... this helps her popularity.

During the same year jugak, HH Ibrahim proposed to marry her.. 


However, Dorothy L'Amour decline his proposal due to fact that she is happily married.. plus Helen
that time is still Sultana of Johore. 

Had done enough with utmost respect, HH Ibrahim accepted and give her a present... he
the move to hun another hollywood actress.. Betty Grable.. 

I will disclose this story later in 3rd episode of Hugh Hefner of Johore.