Sunday, 15 July 2012

Untold History : Secret of Johore State Emblem Decoded

Imagine this... If you working with Johor State Government, and in 1 unlucky day you are mistakenly wrote the prefix or name of your Director.. let alone Sultan himself... much more worst if you mistakenly drew the wrong State Emblem.. I quite sure you'll be vanished from the State.. 

But not in this case.. person whom redraw the Johor State Emblem was free, infact, he might enjoy his retirement by now.. because, none of the Johore state officers aware of their mistake done for more than 100 years ago.... 


These is the Standard Johor emblem.. used in Official Letterhead, Government Offices and Websites.. 

even in JB State HQ..

While... these are the ORIGINAL TIGER Emblem used sometimes between 1886 to 1930's:

See the differences????????

Now.. look closely :

1 had 2 claws.. the other one had no claws.... again.. Jata ni handrawed sometimes in 1860's, used dalam buku Muta'al Badrain :

1 had 2 claws... the other one had 3 claws... both tigers had uneven claws.... again... State Emblem made for JMF Uniform, predated 1900's:

Earliest paintings and drawings depicted this Tigers, one of which was short of 1 leg/claws or deform claws...  Not because they were some drawing mistakes.. but PURPOSELY drew like that 

but.. look at here.. our current Jata officially adopted by State Government:

Some idiots may think our forefathers don't know how to draw tiger claws.. because all ancient painting were uneven... so.. they redraw both tigers to have 3 claws evenly. Unknown to these idiots, there are some story behind these crippled tigers.  


Few of us from Johor familiar with story of "Dengkes" and "Tepok".. of of these tigers which 1 was crippled 1 leg short... tempang.

Few chronicles said that they've roamed along the east coast of Johore sometimes 1880's to 1940's... Harimau Tempang... these story paved their ways to the throne of Johore in 1855..

It is said that few buildings and istana, built sometimes 1860's to 1900's... there were claws mark in the wet cement, each of them were uneven footstep of the tigers, or .. 3 legged creatures 

For few of us that has opportunity to inspect the throne room... they'll find out that these throne was designed with 4 tiger legs grabbing the globe... if they looks closely.. one of these tiger legs was deformed.... purposely made that way, to immortalize the Harimau Tepok history during the nation buildings. 

Now.. Yayasan Warisan Johor and State Government.. get you lazzzzyyyy asssss and change back the emblem before Tepok chew your stinkin' asssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Kredit to En. Ahmad Shah Rizal kerane membantu