Monday, 14 May 2012

Untold History : The Lost Iron Bridge and Master Craftmen Dato' Yahya Awal

Sometime in the afternoon, 5th July 1889.  Johor Bahru.

 HH Ibrahim and his band of Armies were officiated the Iron Bridge at Jln. Ebrahim, connected to the Market at Segget Island, though to be the 1st constructed by local engineer. 

This remarkable structure were engineered by Dato' Yahya Awal, one amongst many wonders he built in Singapore and JB.

The long and closed friend of HH Albert Baker, Dato' James Meldrum, a scotman... who financing the construction were given an opportunity to address his gratitudes to people of Johor.  The Bridge later was name as "Meldrum Bridge"

He was amazed by the achievement of local Malays in engineering, particularly for Dato' Yahya Awal.  

Little we knew about this man Dato' Yahya Awal, except few of his hand print in designing the construction of Tyersall Palace, Istana Besar, Pejabat Dato' Jaafar and this Iron Bridge..

His character is somehow dubious, overshadowed by other shining stars in the Royal Court of Johore. 
Sometime somewhere.. this bridges were not to be found in local histories and antiquities.  There are no trace of them.. and no efforts to reconstruct such remarkable features.

Now.. Badan Warisan Johor and Muzium Negara... Get you lazy asss to works!!! find me the blooody bridges!!!!!!