Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Untold History : Krown of Johor, JW Benson Vs Garard The Royal Jeweller

This is the works of JW Benson.. a watchmaker.. not a jeweller.. from London in 1885

It was inlaid with Diamonds, and other precious stones.. origin of those diamond is unknown, but.. some says from Brazil and Africa, some says it came down from Lord Allenborough, the owner of the cursed gold dining set owned by HH Albert Baker OR.. the famous legends said, it comes direct from the treasure of "Kota Perbendaharaan Permata" by orang asli sometimes in 1880's.. 

J.W Benson

Renown watchmaker amongst the British and Russian Aristocrat... worths million now in antiquity market... and one of his remarkable work still standing at Teluk Anson's Leaning Tower at Perak

How they influenced HH Albert Baker to make them made a Crown??? unknown..... The Johore State Crown is the only 1 crown made by J.W Benson.

What else did J.W Benson did????

I try to trace back relation of JW Benson and HH Albert Baker, then dapat tau... state medallions semuanay di reka dan dicetak oleh J.W Benson.. TERMASUK, butang2 pasukan JMF.. butang2 sahaje.. tidak termasuk pingat2.. sebab.. pingat2 state medallion dibuat oleh orang lain = Garard..

J.W Benson Vs. Royal Jeweller Gerard

The famous jeweller sought after by British, Russian, France aristocrat... and HH Albert Baker

He also made the Crown of Queen Victoria from Koh-I-Noor's diamond, which is known to have bloody curse

He is known to design, and made all the diamond jewelery for Sultanah Johor from the time of HH Albert Baker to the time of HH Ibrahim in 1960.

and he also made all the Johor State's Medallion from gold and silver inlaid with beautiful enamel.. from 1885 to 1960's


He is not giving opportunity to made the Crown State of Johor... 


the answer lies here :

find it.... heheheheh 


  1. Fuyooooh susah nyer nak cari jawapan. Tolonglah unekspekted,bagi lah jawapan nak tersembul mata cari mahkota ni.

  2. Encik Unekspekted!!!!!!!!!!! Bagi lah jawapan . Taulah mahkota yang kat atas tu ada diamond Koh I Noor dan dibuat oleh si Gerrard lagi ? lagi?

  3. Cursed Diamond on Victorian Crown was cut into 1/3 from original size by Garrard. HH Abu Bakar won't let it happen to his diamonds.

    Until today, the origin of all HH Abu Bakar diamonds was untraceable.. but clue lies at Panti's Jungle Reserve which he gazetted in 1860's.

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