Monday, 16 January 2012

Untold History : Lost Continents in Kedah and Perak

Key point : Ice Aged was lasted 20,000 years ago... 
Since then, world's map has not been the same.. some continents were submerged, other continents were emerged

Amazing cases of Kedah Annals

Dalam Sejarah negeri Kedah, Kedah Annals/Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.. dikatakan Gunong Geriang, Gunung Jerai and Gunong Jambul were once an island.. inhabited by the royals and magists

Plus - Kedah Annals only been written in 1800's.. so.. most of the stories were collection from various stories.. ianya 'siap disalin' daripada various sources

BUT... in 1986, Royal Asiatic Society of Malaysia found a irrigularities in Kedah Annals... written by RO Winstedt in his journal in 1935.. highlighted that :

Mountains of Island

Yesss.. Those Gunung was once a "ISLAND"... = that's give clue of why some areas, up in the mountains were inhabitable.. AND.. that's was more than 20,000 years ago.. before the ICE AGED ended

Island of Royal

in the same document also shed the lights that = the 1st King were built his Palace over the Island called "ULAU INDERA SAKTI"... 

it is not the "ulau Indera Sakti" as written in "Misa Melayu" of Perak's Cempaka Sari = BUT PRIOR TO THAT.. probably built around 20,000 years ago WHICH NOW SUBMERGED INTO SEA

and Perak case = digunakan name tu semula di Cempaka Sari


Kedah Annals was secondary source.. same mcm Sejarah Melayu.... bukan primary source.. di collect daripada tulisan dan catatan terdahulu.. which remains lost and never found


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