Monday, 30 January 2012

Untold History : The Cursed Canons of Pulau Aur

"F" 1782

"F 1782" is the Cypher etched at Canons buried in Pulau Aur.  Local history recorded that those canons were from Dutch ship.. wrecked in attack by Malay pirate near Pulau Aur.

Pada 1849, JT Thompson.. a British officer doing survey in Pulau Aur recorded that there were 1 large canon laying infront of the house of tribal leader of Pulau Aur.  And 4 other canons buried at the coast of Pulau Aur.

In 1980's.. Badan Warisan Johor recorded the picture of that canons.. which i lost in my collection. 


100 years later.. in 1948, bila CA Gibson Hill  went to Pekan, Pahang.. there were similar canons lies infron of Kota Beram Palace.. cypher "F" with 1782 marked on the side of the cannon.

So... in 1948.. Dato' Dalam, Pahaang minister recorded that those canons were confiscated from Tok Kaya Bichol who went at war with Dutch.. whose "Bichol" were later known as Tun Koris.. a elder son of Bendahara Tun Mutahir.

When pahang were at war with Sultan Abu Bakar Johore.. Tun Ahmad conqued Pulau Aur and taken the canons back to Pekan.

In Pahang Annals recorded that Tun Ahmad confiscated 4 canons.. 2 of which were lost at sea near Sungai Pulau Tambun.. while 2 of it were taken to Istana Kota Beram Pekan Mosque.

Both of the canons were still there till today.


A classical reference can be seen in books published by Badan Warisan Johor.. quite imiginative, saying that these canons.. in certain numbers of days of a year, exploded themself.  The booming sound can be heard as far as Pekan Pahang.. 160km away.. calling the other canons (which lay in Kota Beram Palace).   

Ain't believe this shit.. but.. in 1982.. HMS Raja Jarom, a Malaysian Royal Frigate were ordered to take 3 of these canons in Pulau Aur and transported it to Johor Palace.  2 smaller canons were taken away.. while 1 large canon were left unmolested at the beach.

This 2 canons now in Johore.. indisclosed location. 

2 months after HMS Raja Jarom visits Pulau Aur and taken those canons.. she were involve in bloody accident near the coast of Singapore.. 3 Malaysian Royal Navy deads. All of them having same name.. "Ahmad".. and all of them were in charge in transferring the canons to Johor palace. 

Now.. name "puaka" begin to make sense... 


In 1849.. JT Thompson reported that.. 1 canon in house of tribal leader of Pulau Aur

In 1948.. CA Gibson Hill reported that.. 4 more canons buried at coast of Pulau Aur

In 1860's.. Pahang Chronicle reported that.. Tun Ahmad taken 4 canons to Kota Beram Pakace.. which 2 lost at sea.  

In 1982.. HMS Raja Jarom Frigate = ordered to take 3 canons.. 1 were left at Pulau Aur 

To sum everything.. :

1 + 4 + 4 + 3.. total of 11 canons in Pulau Aur 

But.. record in 1948 saying 4 canons.. while HMS Raja Jarom reported that in 1982 only 3 canons.. who take another 1 canon??

That for you to find out

Supplement Notes :

and... cypher "F" is not a Dutch making.. very unfamiliar associated with Dutch... ... so..whose canons that acctually are?????

Those canons are there... but their 'treasures' and the shipwreck... just lie not far from.......WT"F".  hahahahahahahahhaa


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