Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Untold History : X-File Di Sungai Belait

This case was abandoned after WWII and remain unsolved.

Sungai Belait, Brunei.

In 1933, a bunch of lumberjacks employed by British Company found large Merbau log fell in Belait

They cut the Merbau log and transport it to sawmill.. however, they smells an eerie evil
fluids come out from the cutting lines. Shocked by the findings, they left the Merbau log at
Sungai Belait


5 years after the eerie findings.. a group of British Surveyor examined the log which the logger found
in 1933.. still at Sungai Belait, left untouched.

So.. these Marbau log were cut few inch below the 1st cutting in 1933.. and what they found is
the most shocking mOments in history forestry = complete remains of 2 adults.. and 2 skulls
embeded INSIDE the Merbau log.


Maybe few of us familiar with Borneon custome and ritual..

Some were buried their dead inside the "Tajau".. some, inside the three, cut
and carved like this :

But this one.. = that Merbau Log is still standing when they 'put' the remains inside. 

those bodies.. assumed to be 'inside' the living woods for almost 50 years..

and that three was live and still standing for 50 years before it felt into Belait River
and drifting to its present location.

How they put 2 full grown adults body inside a living tree???  it's like to put an elephant inside a bottle.

Lastly.. British officer concluded :

Until WWII, the case abandone.. till now forgotten and remain unsolved.


  1. kalau tak silap, dulu perna baca yg mmg ade budaya kat nusantara ni, yang menyimpan mayat bayi dalam pokok yang hidup...maybe ada connection