Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Untold History : Forbidden Wall of Johore in Singapore


In the heart of Singapore, at the foot of Mount Faber stood a fortified compound which become centerpiece of Johor Sultanate 200 years ago.  The remnant of Old Fort shed lights of another connection of Johore Royalty from Bendahara's decendant of Riau/Lingga with modern Singapore.

Those wall were built sometimes in early 1840's now surrounded by Banyan trees in complete ruins. 

Style in 'dutch' design and gates of Istana Pulau Penyengat, the wall stood strong for nearly 2 centuries.

On old Singapore's map describe this area as "Makam Diraja Johor, Bukit Kasita" and led to believed that this area retained the same status as part of the Telok Blangah compound which still under the State of Johore situated 1.5 km away.

The ancient compound become a royal burying ground for Johor Royalty of Bendahara's descendants. 

Most of Johor/Lingga royalty which sided Temenggong Ibrahim were buried here.

Most of Singaporean hardly knew the hidden 'treasure' behind their backyardAgain, by 'erasing' the historical fact of that area, no one would notice the influence of Johore's Sultanate in modern Singapore


  1. kehilangan pulau singapura satu kerugian besar bangsa melayu......

    1. Aku tak rase 'kerugian'.. ade sebabnye.

    2. boleh brief sket apa sebabnya... byk sgt sbb dlm dunia internet ni

  2. Just imagine....kalo mase 1946 dulu, dorang deal ngan British boleh pajak Singapore 99 tahun pastu proceed dgn Persekutuan Tanah Melayu thn 1948. Agak-agak nyer lah kan... kepulauan Borneo tu aper jadik? Sultan Brunei tu boleh carik makan tak skang? The former monarchy of Sarawak would still be there tak? or bendera Borneo lebih kurang macam bendera Australia, NZ?