Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Untold History : Flat WWW1 Vs a Squadron of Warplane

Loooooooooong before Sultan Johore place a bid of RM 520,000 rengget for a registration plate, which created an outcry to puak2 Liberal... his grandfather has donated A SQUADRON of Warplane to the British for usage of Anzac Unit in Malaya

A fleet consisted 12 to 24 airplanes..

It was reported that a total purchase of $31,500.00 in 1940.. equivalence to a USD764,000 that time..

So... that stupid Nizar should really do his 'research' 


  1. Stupid Nizar wanted attention (obviously the wrong way)...GE is near

  2. stupidity among PR leader and supporters is a common problem when GE13 incoming...