Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Untold History : Faithful Voyage of 8 Johore's Dato's

Among this men from Turk's Royal Navy.. there were 8 Johore Dato's.  Unfortunately.. all 8 of them were lost at sea during the faithful voyage onboard of the Ertugrul


HH Sultan Abu Bakar
1862 – 1868
6 years
1868 – 1885
17 years
1885 – 1895
10 years

During his visit to Ottoman Empire in 1885.. HRH Abu Bakar was awarded with First Degree Award of Ottoman Empire.

Johore delegates comprised Tunku Abd. Hamid (Father of Prof. DiRaja Ungku Aziz), Dato' Amar DiRaja Rahman Andak and Tun Ali Kelana also awarded with Caliph's Award.. 

In return....


During Ottoman Royal navy voyage to Japan in 1890's... enroute to Pengkalan Tambatan in Selat Tebrau.. a delegation of Ottoman Empire of Ertugrul Frigate paid a courtesy visit to Istana Besar Johore.. 

FROM unpublished Dato' Said's Khronicle No. 5..  there were recorded that 8 of Ottoman Navy crews.. including her captain, Ali Osman Bey, and the other 7 were officers and special envoy of ottoman Caliph to the east was awarded 1st and 2nd classes order of Johore. 


Ertugrul set sail to Istanbul in 15th September 1890... and sunk off coast of Japan, some 80 nautica from Yokohama in 16th September..

533 ottoman navy, including 8 Dato's made from Johore were lost their lives.. never made return to Istanbul with a present to the Caliph.  


Eerie Visitation????? 

According to the Author.. Dato' Syed in his Khronicle No. 5.. the delegation was embarked in Istana Besar on 1894... while.. Ertugrul was sank off Japanese coast in 1890... W.T.F did they encounter in Istana Besar in '1894".. ghost ship with ghostly crew???? 

Johor Off Japan

Remains of the Ottoman Navy was floating near the coast of Japan collected by villager nearby.. a week after the incident... the villager held a special prayer at their tomb and built a tugu.... and they'd display A FLAG OF JOHORE to honour the fallen Ottoman navy!!!! W.T.F????????????????


  1. It's good to know this... Never been published in history text books.

  2. K. Aku penah bace dlm the star. Masa perang afghanistan/iraq (x ingat). Turki telah membantu mengeluarkan pekerja-pekerja jepun dari kawasan perang. Katanya untuk membalas jasa jepun yang membantu mangsa kapal karam kapal turki di perairan jepun suatu mase dulu. Yang ni la kot. . . .

  3. The last picture is ottoman flag. i don't think it was johore flag.

  4. Pernah terbaca(ntah kat mana& bila) pasal macam mana Islam bertapak di Jepun,dan diplomatic relation antara Ottoman-Japan bermula.Ni nak share utk semua:"In 1890 the Ottoman Empire dispatched a naval vessel to Japan for the purpose of saluting the visit of Japanese Prince Komatsu Akihito to Constantinople several years earlier. This frigate was called the Ertugrul, and was destroyed in a storm along the coast of Wakayama Prefecture on the evening of September 16, 1890."


    ada kaitan ke?