Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Untold History : Lost and Forgotten Pengkalans of Johore

Imagine this.. you are living somewhere in Johor Bahru in 1860's.

The only transport available to cross over to Singapore is using Sampan... or swim thru crocodile infested straits.

Prior to 1920's, there were several jetty or landing place stretch along the Tebrau Coast.  The infamous one is the "Pengkalan Dewan".. used for Royal Johore.

It was situated right across "Dewan" in Istana Besar, loooong before they done major reclamation along the Lido, the stair was leading straight to Pengkalan. There was no road cut across Pengkalan and tangga istana until 1890's. Now you know the real function of 'broad stairways' in Istana Besar.. meant to be for visitors departure from the sea.

There were few accounts recorded such occasion ; from tales of Duke Sutherland.. to funeral of HH Abu Bakar where's all 12 Johore State ships were line up in Pengkalan Dewan. Here' is the glimpse :

WTF?? They should look on these angle before they built the Waterfront City.


  1. 'They' = Muhyidin Yasin's time as a Chief Minister before Ghani Osman...

  2. bro...leh story skit tak sal istana bukit serene, minat sngat nak tau sal kisah istana tu...

    1. asalnye.... kampung orang laut. then, orang laut ni semua dipindahkan ke Bakar Batu.. lebih2 tu.. kt sini : http://untoldhistoriesofmalaya.blogspot.com/2012/01/this-is-one-of-most-important-meeting.html

  3. askum bro..

    camne lak ngan sejarah kami org Batu Pahat ek?