Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Untold History : Rumah Jepun Rewritten

Recognize this???

Frequent visitors to Taman Bunga Istana Besar Johor, this is just a small Japanese house in the foot of Bukit Bintang hill near Istana with beautiful garden.

People enjoying the view, taking few pictures then go home.

But for people who live longer than 150 years, this Japanese house was really meant something which was hidden in history for many many years.  It not just a house.. it's a Japanese soil itself.

Everything from nails, woods, roofs, plants, flowers, fishes etc. etc. was TRANSPORTED in one piece from Japan during HH Abu Bakar visits in 1883, presented by HH Emperor of Japan itself inside .

However, it was recorded that the house was presented by Crown Prince of Japan to HH Ibrahim in 1934 ONLY.

However, his old monogram was predates 1934, probably sometimes in 1920's in its original form.

And.. stories related to this that HH Abu Bakar was married a Japanese girl presented by HH Emperor of Japan, in Untold History : Maria Ozawa and Sultan Johore which later happened to resided in Istana Besar until 1895.  This garden was reflection or his love for Japan.

That is the original design of the house, I really don't know which stupids changed it into current outlooks. Now, compare :

Ugly and no historical value.

This house was later become a favorite meeting place between HH Ibrahim and Marquis Tokugawa whenever he visited Istana Besar before 1942.  It was later used by General Yamashita for his resting place and General ( I really forgot his name .. Yoshi something) which was convicted of war crime after WW2 and banished to Johore.

So.. there was alot of thing going on in that small house.. so beware when you snap a picture


  1. As you can see, Sultan did approve the changes on the tea house.

    If he don't like it he would so something but he wont. Maybe he did see the 'historical value' but not from a marhaen perspective like me...

  2. Teringat dulu masa ponteng skolah agama bukit zahrah cuba tangkap ikan kat kolam ni. Pas2 kena kejar dgn pak guard. Hehehe.

  3. lorrr..aku tak tauuu, dulu suka sgt jog petang2 lepas balik keje. hujung minggu suka lepak situ ambik gambo..ada rehsie rupanye, ingatkan saje dibine

  4. istimewanya rumah dan taman jepun ni dibina ketika Prince Akihito (now Emperor Akihito of Japan) datang melawat Johor menghadap DYMM Sultan Johor yg diterima menghadap oleh Tengku Mahkota Abdul Rahman dan DYMM Sultanah Aminah pada tahun 1970. Pembinaan ni untuk impressed lawatan keluarga diraja Jepun itu

  5. Eh, Maria Ozawa ????

    Itu kan pelakun filem lucahhh !!!