Sunday, 15 January 2012

Untold History : Victorian Vs Johore's Knighthood

120 Years when the knighthood conferred by HH Albert Baker started to recognize by Victorian Courts


2nd Class Order of the Crown of Johore conferred to Walter E. Garland.. pengarah JKR Johor (even 'malaysia' belum ade, jabatan JKR dah lame wujud di Johor) and.. Howard Bentley, setiausaha sulit HH Albert Baker.


3rd Class Order conferred to Thomas Rawson Kerr, the Johor State lawyer yg belot dari British sided HH Albert Baker to annexed the indipendant of Johor.. and James Patrick Andrew Wilson.. the principal Medical Officer for Johor State Government..

ALL OF THEM... were in full services of HH Albert Baker, not the British Government in Singapore.


Victorian Queen recognized the medal conffered by HH Albert Baker, and from 1892.. the Crown Office recogized all award conferred by Sultan Johor till now... 

This what makes Johor Datukship not worths to trade with buying...all Johor's Dato' can be called 'Sir' in UK... hahaahaa


The same recognition also acknowledges by Queen to Khalifah Othmaniah, dan Imperial Majesty of Mikado Japan... thus makes HH Albert Baker king amongst kings yang bertaraf dunia.

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  1. Dato' dari Johor setaraf = Sir

    i'm speecheless...heheheh